šŸ„§Protocol Incentive Experiments (PIEs)
exploring ecosystem growth incentive models
one of the primary reasons for adding tokenomics to any protocol design is to create incentives to drive and maintain protocol growth and success
liquidity mining rewards is now a staple of DEFI, and bounties are also commonly used. so, in addition to platform rewards, handle.fi will be exploring a range of Protocol Incentive Experiments, or PIEs designed to further incentivise protocol users to contribute to and benefit from any protocols success
participants can record their contribution here:
https://forms.gle/AdaULTCvYPZco5XG7 we will verify and distribute rewards when the $FOREX token is released. all rewards can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qEa5sP6P45M1uaOcMdj6DOMYBODTkG2xiarAV4QADxY/edit?usp=sharingā€‹
PIE #3 winners can be viewed here:
50% of any earned PIE #1 - #7 rewards will be claimable following completion of TGE, with the balance 1 month thereafter. more claim details coming soon...
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