🔩adjusting settings

customise your console

in handle.fi there is the capability for you to modify settings in order to adjust the console to best suit your trading needs. you have the ability to alter settings related to the theme, gas prices, trade layout & general layout. there is also the capability to change the language to what's most appropriate for you.

locating settings

settings are located on the right hand side of the function links. the pink icon on the left is for settings while the globe on the right is for language choice. once in settings the available options to modify are:


themes refers to the handle.fi colour scheme and effects the entire look and feel of every function. in no way does changing the theme effect any of the trading mechanisms or performance. it is a personal preference to which theme you use. different people prefer different layouts and can assist them in how they view the charts. the different themes are:

there is also a 'modern' option which works complimentary to any of the themes.

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