getting started

as a decentralized exchange requires you to connect your wallet before you can take advantage of it's features.

adding a wallet

if you do not have a wallet you can easily add by downloading metamask (, using google sign on or through your email address. you can follow our how to guide here.

funding on Arbitrum

Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-two (L2) scaling solution that uses optimistic rollups to improve speed, scalability and cost-efficiency on Ethereum. it inherits the security and compatibility of Ethereum, but offers higher throughput and lower fees by moving most of the computation and storage off-chain. is built on Arbitrum in order to bring these features to our traders. this means that you need to have assets on the Arbitrum network in order to trade.

Arbitrum uses ETH as the native currency to pay for transactions, including to manage trades on

to move your assets to Arbitrum, you have several options. the official way is to use the Arbitrum bridge, which takes around 10 minutes. you can also use a third party bridge that connects other chains to Arbitrum. however, be careful with any bridge - always check the link from the official source before using it. some of the third party bridges are:

most centralized exchanges now support Arbitrum withdrawals so that is another option to receive coins.

overview of key functions

💹 trade: up to 100x leverage trade defi FX perps & 50x leverage trade BTC & ETH

💱 convert: optimised stablecoin routing for spot FX and $FOREX swaps

🏛 borrow: mint a range of multi-currency stablecoins (fxTokens) using ETH collateral

💲 earn: earn #realyield and rewards by staking and depositing FOREX and fxTokens

🌉 bridge: move tokens across from Arbitrum to Ethereum and back

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