obtain fxUSD/FOREX BPT & lock for veFOREX

step 1. obtain Balancer fxUSD/FOREX (20/80) BPT

FOREX holders deposit their FOREX + fxUSD into Balancer fxUSD/FOREX (20/80) liquidity pool, providing protocol liquidity, and in return will receive a Balancer Pool Token (BPT)

(a) go to the balancer pool page here and select "Add Liquidity"

(b) enter the amount of liquidity you want to add (be sure to click "proportional suggestion" to ensure assets are added in the correct ratio - to minimise any price impact)

step 2. lock your BPT for veFOREX

once liquidity has successfully been added to the Balancer Pool.. (a) go to https://app.handle.fi/earn and lock your fxUSD/FOREX (20/80) BPT for your selected time (min 1 week - max 1 year)

thats it!! - you're now holding veFOREX and will be able to;

  • receive protocol fee dists. (across trade, swap and borrow)

  • participate in governance

  • receive up to 2.5x boosted rewards on;

    • hLP liquidity

    • fxKeeper liquidity

    • trade and referral rebates

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