how to buy FOREX

instructions to buy FOREX with ETH in the app

where can I buy FOREX

you can buy FOREX through on Arbitrum
you can also purchase using fxUSD on Arbitrum at balancer and with USDT on FOREX is also available on mainnet Ethereum At Uniswap and but beware that liquidity is limited so it may lead to increased slippage.
more detailed information about the liquidity pools with links are here.
be careful of scammers - always check the token address is correct if trading through a DEX. The correct address is 0xdb298285fe4c5410b05390ca80e8fbe9de1f259b

using convert 🦍

  1. 1.
    go to the convert page in the app (
  2. 2.
    connect your wallet - ENSURE you are connected to ARBITRUM
  3. 3.
    select the amount of fxUSD you wish to convert to FOREX
  4. 4.
    select review
  5. 5.
    if happy with the trade details - select convert
  6. 6.
    sign the transaction in your wallet
  7. 7.
    once successful you will see a message toast (with an arbiscan link) confirming this.
*don't forget to add FOREX token to your wallet to see your balance. This can be found as a dropdown from the FOREX balance tab.