👜how to buy FOREX

instructions to buy FOREX with ETH in the handle.fi app

you can buy FOREX through app.handle.fi/convert on Arbitrum

you can also purchase using fxUSD on Arbitrum at balancer and with USDT on Gate.io FOREX is also available on mainnet Ethereum At Uniswap and app.handle.fi/convert but beware that liquidity is limited so it may lead to increased slippage.

more detailed information about the liquidity pools with links are here.

be careful of scammers - always check the token address is correct if trading through a DEX. The correct address is 0xdb298285fe4c5410b05390ca80e8fbe9de1f259b

using handle.fi convert 🦍

  1. go to the convert page in the app (app.handle.fi/convert)

  2. connect your wallet - ENSURE you are connected to ARBITRUM

  3. select the amount of fxUSD you wish to convert to FOREX

  4. select review

  5. if happy with the trade details - select convert

  6. sign the transaction in your wallet

  7. once successful you will see a message toast (with an arbiscan link) confirming this.

FOREX contract: 0xdb298285fe4c5410b05390ca80e8fbe9de1f259b

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