how to BUY $FOREX
instructions to buy $FOREX with ETH in the app

using convert 🩍

from 27 Sep ~4:00 am UTC (may be small variance based upon block confirmation) you can buy $FOREX in the app.​
    go to the convert page in the app (
    connect your wallet.
    select the amount of ETH you wish to convert to FOREX (routed for best pricing through DEX liquidity pools.)
    select review
    if happy with the trade details - select confirm
    sign the transaction in your wallet
    once successful you will see a message toast (with an etherscan link) confirming this.
*don't forget to add FOREX token to your wallet to see your balance. FOREX contract: 0xdb298285fe4c5410b05390ca80e8fbe9de1f259b
*use of handle's convert screen will incur a trading fee of 0.3% - which accrues to the protocol and will be used for future protocol rewards programs.
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