the handle multichain bridge, allows users to easily and rapidly move FOREX and fxTokens across ethereum, arbitrum and polygon with more chains on their way.

  1. go to app.handle.fi/bridge

  2. connect you wallet and ensure you are connected to the network you want to bridge 'from'

  3. select the 'to' network from the dropdown - we are bridging from polygon to arbitrum

  4. select the token you want to bridge and enter the amount - in this case we will bridge 100 $FOREX

  5. select 'bridge FOREX' button and confirm the tx.

  6. wait until the transaction is mined successfully - you will see a message appear "tokens deposited to bridge'.

  7. a new button should appear showing the bridged tokens as a pending withdrawal on the 'to' chain.

  8. either switch to the 'to' network OR select the button and it will force the network switch.

  9. once on the 'to' network - click on the withdraw button and you will be prompted to sign a transaction.

  10. tokens will now be withdraw to the same address.

external bridges

if you wish to bridge ETH (or other ERC20) native ecosystem bridges can be found at;

Arbitrum: https://bridge.arbitrum.io/

Optimism: https://gateway.optimism.io/

Polygon: https://wallet.polygon.technology/

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