handle.fi use cases & benefits
use cases include:
    settle trades in your local currency, removing foreign currency risks.
    ā€‹borrow against your crypto assets in your local currency, reducing conversion fees and foreign currency risks.
    ā€‹convert between multi currency stablecoins efficiently.
    ā€‹earn rewards for liquidity provision in trading and keeper pools in your local currency.
    earn arbitrage profit from 1:1 redemptions.
    with introduction of L2 technology and leveraged products, speculate on foreign exchange movements.
key benefits of handle.fi protocol include:
    multi-collateral vaults;
      capital efficiency.
      decreased liquidation probabilities.
      make use of more of your assets.
    1:1 redemption facility helps ensure fxTokens maintain their peg value.
    protocol fxKeeper pools ensure efficient liquidations to maintain system collateralisation.
    partial vault liquidations ensure users don't forfeit more collateral than is required to maintain their debt positions.
    protocol controlled treasury generates additional returns on your staked collateral.
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