🤝referral program

the handle referral program allows referrers to introduce new users to the protocol and earn an ongoing % of the fees generated by that referred user; rebated as FOREX.

initially only approved referrers will be able to participate - applicants should dm via discord to obtain their referral link

referral rebates are applicable to a wide range of protocol fee categories (and in time will be explicitly linked to, and benefit from, a referrers veFOREX balance)

initially referral rebates will be paid based on;

  • trade open and close fees,

  • hLP swap fees

coming soon hLP fees, more convert routes & fxToken loans

referral payouts are;

  • referred trader receives 5% on top of any base rebates

  • referrer receives 5% of referred trader fees

all rebates accrue immediately as user fees are collected and are also claimable immediately

to register a new users address as referred, the user must open a trade from an address unused on the handle protocol - and from that point onwards that address will be assigned to that ref link & referrer.


  1. opportunities for bespoke and DAO specific rebates and referrals may be implemented, dm us on discord to find out more.

  2. There is weekly max cap on total rebates and referral fees to be set at 50,000 FOREX - reviewed weekly.

if the handleDAO detects any manipulation - immediate cancellation of any refeerral benefits will apply

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