all assets traded on are synthetic pairs


oracles provide support for decentralized perpetual exchanges by providing them with access to real-world data. this data is used to calculate the prices of the underlying assets that are traded on the exchanges. without oracles, would not be able to provide accurate prices, which would make them unreliable and unusable.

for trading, uses our own high speed oracles. H2SO (handle high speed oracles) system allows the end user to update the price directly on an oracle aggregator contract by submitting a trusted signature along with the quoted price.

by using H2SO dynamic pricing we are able to remove slippage common in DEXs with zero price impact trades.

cryptocurrencies currently has enabled trading on 2 cryptocurrency pairs at leverage up to 50x. The pairs offered are:



cryptocurrency markets remain open 24/7 so that you can trade whenever you want.

through a partnership with GMX we have been able to integrate the GLP liquidity into until our v2 synthetic perps are built out, all trading is routed through the GMX pool. the benefit to users is deeper liquidity and a 10% discount on cryptocurrency trading.

for more information on GMX:

forex currently has enabled trading on 8 forex pairs at leverage up to 100x. The pairs offered are:









forex markets trades 24/5 with it opening at 5pm ET (New York time) on Sunday and closing at 5pm ET (New York time) on Friday.

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