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This tutorial will walk you through how to convert assets on handle.fi while providing you with an understanding of the features. if you haven't already connected your wallet to handle.fi use this guide.

convert desk

video tutorial

convert an asset

  1. select which asset you wish to convert from. the dropdown menu will include all the tradable assets in your wallet and include balance details. through the search box you are able to view or get pricing on any asset listed on arbitrum by entering the token address, symbol or name.

  2. after choosing which asset to convert out of then you need to select which asset to convert into. in a similar way you can choose any asset listed on arbitrum to convert into.

  3. once you've selected the conversion you wish to make then you need to get a quote on the amount you decide to swap. on display will be the amount you are expected to receive from the trade. the asset to asset rate is also viewable as well as the $USD value difference between the two amounts. this figure is derived from coingecko prices so it's accuracy is at the discretion of their price feeds.

  4. final step is to hit review and confirm all the transaction details. from there then you need to select convert on the pop up, sign the transaction in your wallet and then you should see a confirmed transaction.

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