👨‍🎓how to open an account

this tutorial will walk you through how to open up a trading account using your email address. the two options are with a google sign-in or using your email address. the focus of the video tutorial is aimed at the latter method. for more info on sign in methods read getting started.

video tutorial

open an account

  1. select ‘connect’ in the top right corner.

  2. connect with either ‘google’ or ‘email’ and follow the instructions. This will create a wallet for you which is linked to your email login.

  3. you will now see your wallet address in the top right where ‘connect’ was. Click on the wallet address.

  4. click the copy symbol which is highlighted. This will copy your address to your clipboard.

  5. you can now transfer funds to that wallet and start trading on handle.fi.

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