PIE #7 - convert rewards
conversion rebate program
status: PAUSED (21 SEP 3:00 AM UTC)
channel: app.handle.fi/convert description: the handle.fi platform allows user to easily and rapidly convert between fxTokens, other stablecoins and tokens on both the ethereum and polygon networks. to encourage testing and feedback of this convert functionality we are launching a FOREX rewards program.
action: convert any tokens using the handle.fi convert tool and provide feedback in our discord #labs channel.
this is a MAINNET TEST - Ethereum and Polygon. you are converting REAL tokens - only conduct token swaps you wish to execute. *this feature is in ALPHA release - BE CAREFUL!
$FOREX reward
(0.02% * USD value converted) * 5
USD - non USD
(0.05% * USD value converted) * 5
stable - non stable
(0.15% * USD value converted) * 5
For example; user converts ETH => USDC ($200) FOREX reward = (0.15% * 200) *5 = 1.5 FOREX
*we will allocate an initial 10,000 FOREX to this PIE. We may pause and amend at anytime if we encounter issues, bugs or abuse. Notes;
    ETH <=> WETH excluded from rewards.
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