PIE #7_b - convert & trade rewards
conversion rebate program
status: PENDING
channel: app.handle.fi/convert & app.handle.fi/trade description: the handle.fi platform allows users to convert tokens 1:1 on the Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Polygon networks and trade leveraged ETH and fxTokens on Arbitrum action:
  1. 1.
    swap any token using convert, or
  2. 2.
    open and close a leveraged trade AND
  3. 3.
    register the trade details and provide feedback here.
users that provide valuable feedback receive additional 250 FOREX rewards
all participants will go into the draw to mint a t0-Trooper and the largest user (by weekly volume) will automatically qualify for a t0-Trooper mint
this is a MAINNET TEST on Arbitrum, Ethereum and Polygon. you are converting a trading REAL tokens - only conduct token swaps and trades you wish to execute. *this feature is in beta release - BE CAREFUL!
$FOREX reward
(0.04% * USD value converted) * 10
USD - non USD
(0.10% * USD value converted) * 10
stable - non stable
(0.30% * USD value converted) * 10
leveraged trades
(0.3% * notional USD position size) *10
For example; user converts ETH => USDC ($200) FOREX reward = (0.30% * 200) *10 = 6 FOREX
*we will allocate an initial 10,000 FOREX to this PIE. the DAO may pause and amend at anytime if we encounter issues, bugs or abuse. Notes;
  • ETH <=> WETH excluded from rewards.
PIE #7_1 trade rewards have been distributed 20-April-2022 on Polygon recipients can be viewed here
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