💱FOREX tokenomics

the token of the handle.fi protocol

$FOREX is the token of the handle protocol. it will be distributed as a reward for protocol accretive actions by participants and will allow holders to contribute to platform governance.

in order to be an active participant in handle.fi governance you must acquire veFOREX first.

holders of veFOREX can participate in protocol governance, receive up to 2.5x boosted rewards across a range of protocol accretive actions, and receive a share of protocol earnings for their $FOREX liquidity provision.

a total 420,000,000 FOREX will be minted across an initial 182 week period; followed by a 2.1% annual terminal inflation rate.

token issuance allocations and vesting schedule*

  • 22.0% team and advisors (vesting complete)

    • 10% vest at 3 months post TGE.

    • Balance equal across 18 months

  • 26.9% strategic partners. (vesting complete)

    • 25% vest at TGE

    • Balance equal across 12 months

  • 5.0% community TGE (no vesting).

  • 41.1% protocol rewards;

    • vault collateral stakers.

    • fxToken minters.

    • fxToken liquidity and fxKeeper pool stakers.

    • governance pool stakers.

  • 5% handle DAO & community rewards. (premint)

*rounded to the nearest 0.1%, indicative only and final % may vary.

more details on vesting can be viewed here

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