🗳️governance staking (veFOREX)

users can lock FOREX/fxUSD (80/20) Balancer Pool Token (BPT) into the handle governance pool to receive veFOREX - 'vote escrowed FOREX'.

holders of veFOREX, provide valuable 'locked' liquidity to the protocol, are in return are rewarded by being able to;

(i) participate in protocol governance,

(ii) up to 2.5x boosted rewards & superior APRs across a whole range of protocol actions - providing liquidity, trading & converting or referring new users.

(iii) receive a share of any protocol fees distributed to the governance pool, and

the longer the holder locks their FOREX/fxUSD (80/20) BPT, the more veFOREX they will receive and the larger their voting power and boosted rewards.

the minimum locking time one week epochs and the maximum, one year. 1 BPT locked for the maximum duration is equivalent to 1 veFOREX. a users veFOREX weight decreases linearly as the escrowed tokens approach their lock expiry.

**for instructions on how to add balancer liquidity and lock for veFOREX - click here**

the following is a breakdown of reward categories and where veFOREX boosts apply

categoryveFOREX boost

governance pool - FOREX/fxUSD


hLP depositors


fxKeeper pools


curve fxUSD - handle 3pool


curve fxEUR


trade & convert rebate %


referral %


*implementation in progress

**this tokenomic system draws from the innovative and foundational work implemented by curve.fi. we thank them for their inspiration and contribution to both defi and protocol tokenomics.

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