the global defi FX protocol is a decentralised multi currency stablecoin protocol.
stablecoins are digital currencies that aims to maintain market value by pegging their price to an external asset class. fxTokens are collateral backed stablecoins representing, and soft pegged to, a range of currencies.
the handle protocol allows users to leverage trade, convert, borrow and earn from multi-currency stablecoins; called fxTokens. fxTokens are the core infrastructure of they facilitate this vertically integrated DeFi (decentralised finance) application on Arbitrum and power all of its features.
on average, $7.5 trillion trades every day (1) in the worldwide foreign exchange market, with 2022 volumes in the vicinity of $2.74 quadrillion💱.
the USD is the global reserve asset and as the world of DeFi has grown, there has been a proliferation of USD backed stablecoins, trading volumes in excess of $30Bn per day. DeFi users don't want to be limited by a protocol as a result of the stablecoin currency being offered. having multicurrency fxTokens allows you to hedge, settle, speculate, transfer and borrow in the currency of choice. is non-custodial which means you keep control over your assets. this removes the need for a third party intermediary to handle your funds.
currently available fxTokens: