FOREX tokens

the token of the protocol

FOREX is the governance token of the handle protocol. it will be distributed as a reward for protocol accretive actions by participants and will allow holders to contribute to platform governance. token supply; a total 420,000,000 FOREX will be minted across an initial 182 week period; followed by a 2.1% annual terminal inflation rate; token issuance allocations*;

  • 22.0% team and advisors. (vesting)

  • 26.9% strategic partners. (vesting)

  • 5.0% community TGE (no vesting).

  • 41.1% protocol rewards (weekly release);

    • vault collateral stakers.

    • fxToken minters.

    • fxToken liquidity and fxKeeper pool stakers.

    • governance pool stakers.

  • 5% handle DAO community rewards. (premint)

*rounded to the nearest 0.1%, indicative only and final % may vary.

FOREX token distribution