commonly asked questions

where can I buy $FOREX

you can buy $FOREX through on Arbitrum
you can also purchase using fxUSD on Arbitrum at balancer and with USDT on $FOREX is also available on mainnet Ethereum At Uniswap and but beware that liquidity is limited so it might lead to unnecessary slippage.
be careful of scammers - always check the token address is correct if trading through a DEX. The correct address is 0xdb298285fe4c5410b05390ca80e8fbe9de1f259b​

what can I do with my FOREX tokens?

FOREX holders can currently provide liquidity to the balancer FOREX/fxUSD (80/20) pool and stake and lock their 'Balancer Pool token' => veFOREX
in return for providing and locking FOREX liquidity, veFOREX holders can participate in protocol governance and will receive a share of protocol related fee distributions plus up to 2.5x boosts on any other LP contributions, and other protocol accretive actions.

what is the token supply?

a total 420,000,000 governance tokens will be issued across an initial 182 week period; followed by a 2.1% annual terminal inflation rate;
token issuance allocations;
  • team and advisors. (premine with vesting)
  • strategic partners. (premine with vesting)
  • protocol rewards;
    • fxToken minters.
    • liquidity and fxKeeper pool stakers.
    • governance pool stakers.
    • DAO community rewards fund. (premine).
more token distribution details can be found here.​

what are PIEs?

PIE is an acronym for Protocol Incentive Experiment. they are a range of activities designed to advance the needs of protocol at the different stages of development. users can participate in these PIEs, adding value to the project and being rewarded at the same time. read more here.