parity redemptions

fxTokens 1:1 redemption
to ensure that fxTokens maintain their denominated face value, any fxToken holder can use the redeem function to burn their fxTokens receiving protocol collateral in return; equal to the nominated face value of their fxTokens. i.e 1: 1 redemption.
vaults which have a c-Ratio, in the 'at risk zone', but not yet subject to 'liquidation trigger' can be called to deliver their collateral to any fxToken redemption caller. 'at risk' vaults with the lowest c-Ratio, would be subject to redemption calls first, thereafter the next 'riskiest' would be accessed to meet any calls. vaults that have redemption called on them would deliver collateral from their largest holding first. vaults that maintain a c-Ratio > min, cannot be called for redemption. *a liquidation fee is charged on the vault that is called for redemption, and paid to the protocol.