create fxTokens using ETH and more..
participants can mint a range of fxTokens by depositing collateral to an fxToken vault. initially accepted collateral will be ETH however over time additional collateral will be added; including a range of ERC20 tokens and later, the platform's own $FOREX token.
initial proposed fxTokens that can be minted are:
  • fxAUD - Australian Dollar.
  • fxCNY - Remnimbi.
  • fxEUR - Eurodollar.
  • FxJPY - Japanese Yen.
  • fxKRW - Korean Won.
  • fxSGD - Singapore Dollar.
a protocol fee of 0.0% is charged to mint fxTokens. rewards will accrue to fxToken minters, but only for users that maintain a c-Ratio greater than their vault's required minimum c-Ratio.
Last modified 6mo ago