trader incentive pool rewards (TIPR)

handleTIPR community program

🏆overview Trading Incentive Pool Rewards (TIPR) are designed to incentivise and reward active handle traders and community members.
handleDAO will allocate an initial 100% of the protocol's hLP position fees earned to the handle TIPR program.
each week one trader will have the chance to be awarded up to the entire balance of accrued TIPR.

📜how does it work?

each week, we will randomly select one trade (open or close) made on any hLP FX pair at to potentially win up to the entire available balance of handle Trader Incentive Pool Rewards; the handleTIPR.
  • If the selected trade has a notional value less than 1000 USD, the entire TIPR balance will roll over to the following weeks balance.
  • If the selected trade is greater than $1000 USD notional the trader will win 50% of the available TIPR balance with the remaining rolling to the following week.
  • If the selected trade is greater than $1000 USD AND the trader holds either 1000 veFOREX balance or a t0- trooper NFT they will receive 100% of the available TIPR balance
the 7 day epoch which a trade will be selected from starts & finishes at thurday 3am UTC.
*to be eligible for TIPR, participants must also be members of the Discord and follow on twitter
*to be eligible for TIPR, participants must also be members of the Discord and follow on twitter:
* in the case any conditions are not met, the TIPR will accumulate to the following week
*all participants must comply with the terms of use and community guidelines of

🥋how to participate:

  1. 1.
    join the discord and make yourself known in the #trader-talk channel. other troopers will be sharing their progress and chatting about the leaderboards in there.
  2. 2.
    follow on twitter handle_fi
  3. 3.
    start trading FX on the platform to accumulate trades.
  4. 4.
    hold a NFT or 1000 veFOREX to be eligible for the entire TIPR balance.

🥇winner announcement:

the weekly TIPR winner will be announced every thursday 3am UTC via both x/ Twitter and the discord.


any attempt to manipulate or abuse the TIPR program will result in immediate disqualification.
participants found violating the community guidelines, or the general spirit of TIPR program will be disqualified at the protocols discretion.


we reserve the right to modify the TIPR program rules or cancel it at any time, without prior notice.
participants are responsible for ensuring they comply with any applicable legal regulations regarding in their respective jurisdictions.
by participating in the TIPR program you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines outlined in this document. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact our support team.
go for gold troopers! 🦍