NFT series: t0-Troopers
limited edition trooper NFT series for TGE participants
to celebrate our TGE we're releasing a limited edition NFT series: t0-Troopers
only 210 t0-Troopers will ever be minted.
*only TGE contributions > 1.0 ETH will be eligible to participate. *user must hold full TGE contribution at time of t0-trooper snapshot (https://etherscan.io/block/14511129)
claim window will be open for 24 hours starting 7-April-2022 0:00 GMT with any unclaimed t0 troopers reverting to handleDAO for community redistribution. UPDATE 0:00 8-4-22 UTC: we've NOW opened t0-Trooper minting to ALL TGE participants! - mint window ends 9-4-22 0:00 UTC or earlier. t0-Troopers can be minted here and the opensea collection here
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