governance staking
FOREX holders can lock their tokens into the handleDAO to receive gFOREX - 'governance FOREX'
gFOREX allows users to participate in protocol governance. it incentivises this by rewarding them with a bigger share of the daily FOREX emissions dependent on their token lock commitment.
the longer the lock, the more gFOREX a user will receive, giving them more voting power, increased FOREX rewards and larger potential rewards boost.
the number of gFOREX users receive depends upon on the duration FOREX is locked, with the minimum locking time one week and the maximum, four years.
1 FOREX locked for the maximum duration is equivalent to 1 gFOREX, and users can earn a boost up to a maximum 2.4x. as the escrowed tokens approach their lock expiry the gFOREX weight decreases linearly.
*this tokenomic system draws from the innovative and foundational work implemented by we thank them for their inspiration and contribution to both defi and protocol tokenomics.
Last modified 6d ago
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