how to read dashboard
view your dashboard to assess and manage your current position testnet currently only supports minting and burning of fxAUD with Kovan testnet ETH (KETH) collateral.

first time users

if connecting your wallet to for the first time then your dashboard will display the value of the collateral in your wallet (1 ETH in this example) and all other assets as zero as you do not have an active position (i.e. you have not yet minted any fxTokens or deposited any collateral). dashboard without an active position
To create an active position, follow our guide to minting fxTokens.

active position

Once you've deposited collateral and minted fxTokens on the 'mint' page then your dashboard will be more fully populated like the example below. dashboard with an active position
The dashboard provides insights on your active position. You can review an outline of the key metrics here.
You can optimise your c-ratio without minting or burning fxTokens by depositing and withdrawing collateral via the dashboard.
In the collateral segment of the vault section in the dashboard, you will see a dashboard icon beneath the 'manage' column that is a button to pop-down the 'fxToken vault collateral management' section.
dashboard vault collateral management via 'manage' icon button
In the 'fxToken vault collateral management' section, you can deposit collateral to increase your c-ratio or withdraw collateral to reduce your c-ratio ≥ 200%. Note that the c-ratio minimum is 200%, however, there may be some slippage during transaction processing and so a hard floor has been set at 198% to accommodate this.
We will implement a 'MAX' button on deposits and withdrawals similar to the 'mint' and 'burn' pages in future releases. If you want to withdraw all of your collateral then you must burn all your fxTokens as the protocol has a minimum c-ratio to adhere to.
You can learn how to mint here and burn here.