How to burn fxTokens
burn fxTokens in your vault to increase your c-ratio ā‰„ 200%.
handle.fi testnet currently only supports minting and burning of fxAUD with Kovan testnet ETH (KETH) collateral.
Navigate to the 'burn' page, select the desired fxToken to burn, and enter the amount of fxToken you want to burn.
You may enter the burn amount of fxTokens manually; adjust your c-Ratio to the desired value ā‰„ 200%; or select the 'MAX' function to burn the full amount of the selected fxTokens in your vault.
example burning 1 fxAUD and impact on c-ratio
Once you have determined the amount of fxTokens you wish to burn then click 'burn' to perform the transaction and pay for gas via your connected wallet.
Once the transaction is complete then your fxTokens will be burnt and your handle.fi dashboard will be updated.
Last modified 7mo ago
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