L1 testnet - kovan
How to obtain Kovan testnet ETH (KETH) to use on handle.fi testnet
Before launching handle.fi on Ethereum mainnet, we will deploy on an Ethereum testnet to allow developers, protocol participants, and the community to review and examine the application and protocol.
You will need Kovan testnet ETH (kETH) to pay gas fees on the testnet.
Weā€™ve outlined below two options to obtain 1-3 kETH at a time from Kovan faucets:
    ā€‹Kovan Faucet by Parity - log-in with a Github account, and provide your Kovan Ethereum address to obtain some kETH immediately (note there is a limit of one request every 24 hours).
    ā€‹Kovan Faucet by Gitter - sign-in with a Github or Twitter account, and paste your Kovan Ethereum address to the chat; a few Ether will be sent to you shortly (note that requests are performed manually by channel admin so it can take up to a few hours).

connecting to test network

Using Metamask to interact with Ethereum networks and handle.fi is very straightforward. However, any Ethereum wallet will allow you to use an Ethereum account on an Ethererum testnet as well as the mainnet. Generally, it is recommended to use a different account on testnet, so that you don't accidentally send real Ether to a testnet address.
The following screenshot illustrates how to switch your Metamask network from the default Ethereum Mainnet to the Kovan Test Network to interact with the testnet.
Metamask - change from mainnet to Kovan testnet
You can now confirm on your Metamask wallet that you have acquired Kovan testnet ETH (kETH) to use on the handle.fi kovan testnet.
Now go to https://app.handle.fi/ and connect your Metamask wallet (or any other Ethereum wallet) by clicking on the 'connect wallet' button.
Make sure that your Kovan Test Network wallet is connected to app.handle.fi. Note that you will receive a warning message if your mainnet wallet is connected to the testnet.
To use your kETH to perform testnet application features, please follow the subsequent ā€˜how to guidesā€™ on minting; burning; reading the dashboard; and converting / redeeming.
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