PIE #9 - TGE FOREX airdrop
more FOREX rewards for supporting the DeFi ecosystem.
status: COMPLETE
all participants in the handle.fi token generation event will qualify for the FOREX token airdrop. TGE participants will receive an additional 5% on top of their final allocation. airdrop date will be a randomly determined date between 1-3 months following completion of the TGE. to be eligible, participants must hold their TGE allocated FOREX tokens from TGE until airdrop date. further, we want to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem and reward DeFi supporters. so to be eligible for the drop users must also hold min number of tokens in ONE the following projects at the date of the airdrop;
20% of airdropped tokens will be claimable immediately, balance in equal increments across 4 months.
if you're a DeFi project and want to partner with us in this program please message us on discord.
tranche #1 50% distributed 20/12/21 via Polygon tranche #2 - 50% distributed 01/02/22 via Polygon
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