earn $FOREX rewards to help grow and support our troopers

to celebrate our TGE, 🎉and reward new and existing community troopers we've launched a whole range of community rewards. we've supercharged our existing Protocol Incentive Rewards, or PIEs and added even more rewards for helping the community grow and participate. PIE #1 - retweet community content to earn $FOREX. PIE #2 - create handle memes to help grow community awareness. PIE #3 - support the handle troop by adding (42,🦍) and win! 8400 $FOREX JACKPOT PIE #4 - produce rich content to explain and inform. PIE #5 - refer new members to out discord community. PIE #6 - engage in community conversation and support. PIE #7 - exchange tokens using handle convert and earn $FOREX rebates PIE #8 - 240,000 $FOREX TGE SUPER BOOST for all above and new community members PIE #9 - post TGE airdrop for handle TGE participants and defi supporters in general in addition to our PIEs there's also,