a summary of users fxToken and more
the handle.fi user dashboard is designed to give users an easy to view and operate interface.
Allowing them to;
    view a summary of their protocol related assets,
    manage their collateral and debt in vaults, and
    view a summary of their transaction history.
dashboard showing portfolio, vaults and transactions
the dashboard route, shows users their;
    wallet assets parsed for those relevant to handle.fi
      asset; each fxToken has its own vault, users can view and manage their vault collateral here.
        amount minted.
        minting limit; calculated from the deposited collateral amount and type(s).
        available to mint; the difference between the minting limit and amount already minted.
        asset type.
        amount of asset type.
        value of the collateral denominated in the vault's fxToken currency.
        min.CR; refers to the minimum Collateralisation Ratio (c-Ratio) allowed for that asset.
        CR; the current c-Ratio based on current asset value divided by the existing fxToken debt
      Interest rate; the rate charged for using that collateral to mint fxTokens
        trigger is the c-Ratio value at which vault liquidation will be triggered
        cost is the fee charged to liquidate a users vault collateral
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