L2 testnet - Arbitrum Rinkeby
getting started on the Arbitrum Layer 2 testnet
before launching handle.fi, we will deploy on an Ethereum Layer2 (L2) testnet - Arbitrum Rinkeby - to allow developers, protocol participants, and the community to review and examine the application and protocol. this guide will cover using the Arbtitrum Rinkeby testnet where the handle.fi application and protocol will be tested prior to our live deploy.
step 1. obtain 'Layer 1' Rinkeby testnet ETH (rETH) go to https://faucet.rinkeby.io/ and follow the instructions to receive Rinkeby testnet rETH on Layer 1.
step 2. bridge Rinkeby testnet ETH to Layer 2 - L2 Arbitrum Rinkeby Testnet.
connect to L1 Rinkeby testnet
  • enter the amount of rETH you want to deposit on L2 Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet - select deposit
deposit ETH on L2 Arbitrum testnet
  • 'confirm' the transaction in your connected wallet..
  • you will see Tx Type "deposit-l2" and status 'in progress', wait for this to be success'
🎉congratulations!! you now have moved your Rinkeby testnet rETH to L2 Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet.
step 3. connect to L2 Arbitrum Rinkeby Testnet to start using your L2 rETH, you need to connect to the Arbitrum test network. specific details can be found at https://developer.offchainlabs.com/docs/public_testnet. steps are as follows;
🎉 🦍 you should now be connected to L2 Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet!
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