details on the FOREX/ETH dex pool
trading pair
Exchange (DEX)
🦄 Uniswap
initial price (FOREX/ETH)
ETH equivalent of USD 21c FOREX/USD (ref ETH/USD 3100)
start time
27 Sep ~4:00 am UTC*
*may be small variance based upon block confirmation.
liquidity provided
~USD $2.6m+ TVL (420 ETH) will be provided as initial pool liquidity, implemented across a range of active V3 liquidity strategies.
more details on any FOREX liquidity incentives to be implemented will be announced later.

trading FOREX

a. direct via uniswap 🦄
users wishing to purchase $FOREX using Uniswap will be able to do so directly via here
BE CAREFUL - if trading via Uniswap you must only use the CORRECT CONTRACT ADDRESS FOREX: 0xdb298285fe4c5410b05390ca80e8fbe9de1f259b
b. via handle.fi convert page 🦍 alternatively users can support the protocol and use the application convert screen TO DIREXTLY PURCHASE $FOREX*
*use of handle's convert screen will incur a trading fee of 0.3% - which accrues to the protocol and will be used for future protocol rewards programs.
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