TGE + IEO launch retro
tl:dr - #troopers smashed it - closed early, all tgts met, oversubscribed.

the TGE was a huge success. 🎉🚀🦍

6,103 ETH (~$18m USD) contributed and hit the max TGE contribution cap.
✅ max TGE contribution cap hit in 18 hours, closing earlier than the 42 hours max ✅ 4.2x oversubscription target hit
✅ over 2,500 participants

the IEO was a huge success. 🎉🚀🦍

~$35m USDT contributed and hit the contribution cap.
✅ over 12,400 participants so...what's next for the troop?
$FOREX will begin trading 27 Sep 4:00 am UTC on uniswap, and can also be purchased at
following listing, well then we'll be ramping up for Arbitrum mainnnet launch in mid-Oct and accelerate our journey as the global defi fx protocol.
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