PIE #8 - TGE super boost
a super TGE FOREX rewards allocation.
status: ENDED 21 SEP 21 3:00 am UTC
FOREX superboost
whitelisted TGE participants will be eligible to win bonus FOREX in our PIE#8 - TGE rewards boost.
all PIE contributors will be automatically whitelisted, if other TGE participants wish to join the whitelist they need to complete the form here.
Boost 1. 3 randomly drawn PIE #4 participants* will be eligible for 60,000 FOREX each!!
Boost 2. 2 randomly drawn PIE #1,2,5,6,7 participants* will be eligible for 20,000 FOREX each!!
Boost 3. 2 randomly drawn whitelisted participants** will be eligible for up to 10,000 FOREX each!!
conditions. *approved PIE contributions from 23rd Aug 2021 only. (PIE #4 full scores only eligible for Boost 1.) ** completion of whitelist form or any PIE contributions pre 23rd Aug 2021. each participant can only win once. min TGE contribution 0.2 ETH.
the TGE whitelist form can be accessed here
vesting terms: 20% claimable initially, balance claimable across following 4 months.
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